Spring Break is Upon Us

We have a week “off!” OK, not really. We have several assignments due just two weeks from now that we’ll have to spend our time working on. But that’s fine by me; I like having a little breathing room to get the work completed.

For Stat we have the second part of an analysis project for home equity loans due. That’s been interesting data to look over. We also have our midterm exam which is two parts – one is a mini project where we develop our own hypothesis test and perform the analysis. That should be fun as I have a project that I just completed at work that I should be able to roll right into this. The second is a one-hour time limit online exam. This is going to present a slight challenge as we’ll be travelling to D.C. as a family at the exact time the exam is available. But I’m sure that I’ll be able to work something out.

In working with SAS we have a project on using linear regression in an attempt to predict home prices. This should be fun as well, but in looking at the data there’s quite a bit of mess to clean up. Such is the nature of working with real-world data. I feel like I’m up for the challenge, though.

So I’ll take a hiatus next week from blogging about school. But you can be on the lookout for more NCAA hoops posts. After all, we’re just one week away from selection Sunday.

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