NCAA Hoops Analysis Just Got Easy!

I just came across a fantastic R package on Github by lbenz730 – ncaahoopR – that provides easy access to scraping NCAA Basketball stats from AND includes functions for a handful of automatic charts. I’ll play around with this a little more but here’s a taste of what can be done with a single line of R code:

Credit: lbenz730 for the awesome ncaahoopR package

It needs a little work to clean it up, but check out the master distributor that Coby White has become this season for the Heels. Cam Johnson is clearly his favorite target, but he spreads the ball around nicely.

I can’t wait to play with some of the live, in-game functions during the next Heels game. Or to create a fun Shinyapp with Plotly for some great interactive content. Stay tuned for more.

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